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We who have founded Dandie Dinmont Friends are Janette Andersson, Randi Skare, Marie-Louise Nilsson, Bo Andersson and Lotta Berglund. Our common denominator is irresistible breed Dandie Dinmont Terrier.

With Dandie Dinmont Friends, we want to protect and safeguard the Dandie Dinmonts future. Together we will be strong and help each other to keep the breed healthy and sound with a great mentality. Together we will spread the information about the breed, its characteristics and its history to arouse interest in people who never met this lovely little Terrier. Dandie Dinmont Friends is a network for owner / breeders, where friendship and cooperation will permeate our societies. We also welcome you who are thinking about getting a puppy for yourself. The Dandie Dinmont Friends we are friends.As Dandie Dinmont Friends, we respect each other's different opinions and we live according to our respective countries kennel club rules.


If there is something you wonder about, you may contact:

Bo Andersson 0706-19 02 19, bason1950@gmail.com

Randi Skare, Norway + 47-936 11 412, Randis-Dandies@live.no


Photo and text to blog, puppiesite, studdogs site, show results for Dandie Dinmont Friends sent to:

Lotta Berglund 0707-31 15 30 vipwins@hotmail.com 



Photos to gallery and header of the website for Dandie Dinmont Friends sent to:


Lotta Berglund 0707-31 15 30 vipwins@hotmail.com 


The Dandie meeting 2019: Jessica Petersson illeris123@hotmail.com


Webmaster Dandie Dinmont Friends: Lotta Berglund vipwins@hotmail.com



Tjörn 2017 from left Marie-Louise & Frida, Lotta & Ebble, Bosse & Eva & Aramis. Randi is no present.



We welcome Jessica Peterson to the admin DDV
and as organizer of the Dandie meeting in 2019.


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