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Dandie Dinmont standard           Dandie Dinmont Description




Height = From the ground to the scapula button
Length = height x 2 minus 5 cm

This will be the correct propotion on a Dandie Dinmont


Dandie Dinmont Friends have been allowed by the author Jonas Wiborg, to use texts and photos from his book "Mr. Dinmonts own terrier".

Thanks Jonas!




Dandie Dimont Terrier is the oldest existing terrier variant, probably also the member of the terrier group remained most unchanged.

Although just no hunting today with its dandies, we have no right to change at some point the oldest terrier breed. Dandie did not arise by chance, behind most of the details of its appearance is a practical explanation. It has an appropriate small terrier that can quickly and easily get around in the tricky thing, most rocky terrain and underground, in the pot. Power and strength needed to deal with a fox or badger.

Country of origin is Great Britain. Area of ​​Originally hunting terrier, nowadays companion.

Background / purpose: Dandie Dinmont Terrier is the breed has been constant since the late 1600s. It is named after the Dandie Dinmont, one of the characters in Sir Walter Scott's novel "Guy Mannering". Idol was small wirehaired terrier hunting, which has long existed in Cheviotbergen.

Overall impression: The head is very typical of the breed. It is covered with beautiful, silky fur. The eyes are large, wise and intelligent. The long body low to the ground and vesslelik with short, powerful legs. The coat should resist wind and weather.

BEHAVIOUR / Dandie Dinmont Terrier will be a sporty, fit to work terriers. It shall be independent, highly intelligent, determined, persistent, sensitive, affectionate and dignified.

HEAD: Strongly developed, large in proportion to the size of the dog. Muscles are extremely well developed, especially as regards the jaws.

Skull: Broad, tapering towards the eyes. The distance from the inner corner to the back of the skull should be approximately equal to the distance between the ears. The boiler should be well arched. The head is covered with very soft, silky hair and not solely consist of a tuft on the crown.

Nose: black.

Muzzle: Muzzle in proportion to skull as 3: 5th On the bridge of the nose is a triangular bare patch, about 2.5 cm wide, pointing backwards from the nose to the eyes.

Cheeks: gradually decrease towards the deep and powerful muzzle.

Comment: "The first initiates the judge, judging this breed do, is to put the palm of the skull. It must be as strong as it should be narrowly as fingers manage to cover all over. A well pronounced stop is utmost importance to give the dog the correct expression. Often pursued a rather short muzzle, but it will obviously never see compressed or trubbnosigt out. A longer muzzle that has been strongly developed jaws are just as accurate, a pot Terriers need sturdy jaws. The nose may never see PEAKED out. In addition to black nose should be large with big nostrils, practically underground and extremely important to give the right facial expression. "

Eyes: The eyes are saturated dark hazel. They should be broad and low set, large, clear, rounded and full-bodied but not outstanding.

Comment: "The eyes are really race hallmark. It must be pleasant to meet dandies gentle, wise and dignified look. Around the eyes, the skin is well pigmented, reinforces the impression of big round eyes."

Ears: well set back on the skull, wide apart, be set low and hanging close to the cheeks with an insignificant stature at the base. Ear cartilage and skin to be very thin. The length of the ear should be more than 7 cm to 10 cm. There must be thin fringes of hair, starting about 5 cm above the ear tip.

Comment: "It is important that the ears are small and very thin. It is important to note the position of the ears, they should sit low and far back on the head."

Jaws / Teeth:Complete, perfect and regular scissor bite with strong jaws and evenly set on teeth. Teeth strong. Especially canines. Oral mucous membranes must be black or dark colored.

Comment: "Strive for a truly substantial full rim in the form of a scissor bite."

Neck: The neck should be very muscular, well developed and strong. It must be powerful and well set on the lot.

Comment: "dandie need a strong neck of substantial length. This has a practical explanation, a neck of good length gives the dog freedom of movement at the challenge from the wild underground. The power needed in case the dog must pull a dead fox or badger sett out."

BODY: Long, strong and supple.

Back: Muscular, rather low at shoulders.

Topline: The line curves come a lowering of the shoulder area, and an arch over the loin with a very slight, gradual slope from Landen's highest point to the tail.

Chest: Chest well developed and well let down between forelegs. Ribs well arched and rounded.

Comment: "When it comes to the breed's body is a key flexibility. It can be said that proper chest through the intersection similar to an egg with tygndpunkten up! This race hallmark is over the line. The topline, parallel the line, should be soft and beautifully domed. A slightly arched back line is a strong back that gives speed, this can be compared with some greyhounds. "

TAIL: Rather short, about 20-25 cm. The thick at the root and be Continued rough to about 10 cm length and then tapering to the tip. It may in no way be twisted or curled, but must be worn turned up like a saber with the tip of the tail above the vertical tail when the dog is excited. Inserted neither too high nor low set. When the dog is not revived the tail is carried happily slightly above the topline.

Comment: The tail is aligned in terms of performing a neat extension of the topline. limbs

FOREQUARTERS: Forelegs short with particularly well-developed muscles and bones. They must be well apart with chest well let down between them. Crooked forelegs is highly undesirable.

Shoulders: Well laid back but not heavy.

Forearm: to follow the chest line.

Feet: The feet should be forward or slightly outward when standing. The paws are rounded, with thick pads. Nails dark but varies depending on the body color of the coat. Flat or open feet is not desirable.

Thigh: Slightly longer than the front legs. They should be fairly wide apart, but not spread her unnaturally.

Thighs: Well developed.

Stifle: must be angled. Hock: be low, if the Spurs are present they usually removed.

Feet: Slightly smaller than forefeet.

Comment: "It is important for the greatest harmony in a dandies building that the dog has an excellent well-built strong front section, with well laid back shoulder blade and a firmly back angled upper arm. For this also requires a substantial hindquarters with proper angle from the hip to the knee and hock. "

Movement: Movement should be powerful with direct drive from the hindquarters giving liquid, free and easy movements with long reach in the forequarters. Stiff, stilted, hopping or weaving movements are undesirable.

Comment: "For a Dandie with a limited step can sometimes seem to wander a little duck-like forward. In other words, osundhet almost have been seen as rasspecifikt. Such a dog falls at minimum speed increase over a leaping gallop. A Dandie Dinmont should move with a free good step. Health is everything "

Coat: The coat is a very important characteristic of the breed.

HAIR: The coat was double, consisting of soft, lintrådig undercoat and harder topcoat that is not harsh but provides a crisp feel to the touch. The coat should not divide after the back without lie in narrow "who penciled" string which is formed by the harder outer coat comes up through the softer undercoat. The front legs should be about 5 cm fringes. The top of the tail is covered with wiry hair. On the bottom is not as rough and form a beautiful feathering of softer hair.

Comment: "A good hunting terrier needs a proper overcoat to keep the cold and wet out there. If a Dandie with proper quality of fur gets wet, it notable how quickly, after only a few shake, it dries. The correct coat consists of about two parts hard coarser straws and some softer coat. If deleting the fur the wrong way to feel clearly crispness. in the longer "top-coat" is a layer of thick and soft undercoat closest to the skin. "

Colour: Pepper or mustard colored.  

Pepper Colored: The color varies from dark bluish black to light silver gray shades in between is preferred. Body color should reach well down over the shoulders and hips and gradually mixed with the color of the legs and feet, which can vary depending on the coat color of the body, from deep rusty tan to pale fawn. Profusely, silver white crownhair.

Mustard: The color varies from reddish-brown to pale fawn. Profusely, cream hjässhår. Legs and feet of a darker shade than crownhair.

For both color variants comes to feathering the front legs are lighter than the coat on the front of legs. Something white on the chest and white nails permissible. White paws undesirable. The hair on the tail should be lighter than the top side. The color of the upper tail should be darker than the body coat.

Size / weight: Weight: 8-11 kg for dogs in good working condition. The lower weight is preferred.

Comment: "In the assessment of the dog, remember its duty. A very own and personal reflection and folding rule is that no problems will be able to stand and have a Dandie Dinmont forearm."

Error: Any deviation from the standard is wrong and must be assessed in relation to its degree.

NB: Dogs should not be awarded if the physical or anatomical defects that can adversely affect their health and welfare.

NB: Male animals should have two testicles fully developed and normally descended into the scrotum.



A real clown with a king's dignity - The old wise man among terriers

The breed is not what you call a typical terrier temperament - which is described as alert, very alert, on our toes and always ready. Dandie are in many cases active and involved in what happens, but it takes its particular philosophical calm. It is hardly likely that dandie now used for hunting. Hunting trait is fairly dormant, but it can vary from individual to individual. In earlier stories described dandies as eager cat hunter. Certainly there are those who try to pinch a cat, but I think it's largely a question of training. If a Dandie grow up with a cat is rarely any problems. The importance of preserving the breed's calm nature can not be overemphasized for a bright future. The dandie may continue to be the old wise man among the terriers is something all breeders must safeguard.

The thing that always seems to have been in the race is what they brittiskda breeders call home for birds, meaning those who are happiest and most happy if they get to be at home in their living environment and avoid all that shows is called. But that's just to accept. The dandie is deep inside the young and rebellious very reasonable and sensible.

The best one kryddterrier know is getting to be with their owners, surrounded by his family. Not to be a patch which constantly demands attention, but to be able Precaution what the owner is doing, and occasionally make itself felt to get a pat and a few friendly words.

A Dandie Dinmont very fond of all people, and especially his family. This is a question of very intelligent dogs. It is easily revealed if one tries to fool a Dandie. Get the dogs of the breed are amused by obedience training or other similar activities. This will be done on their terms.

Socializing with other dogs is the motto - You shot your thing and I -. An individual of the breed with typical temperament, hate to fight, but he is threatened and must defend itself, it will be a fight to the death.

One should always be careful with how you leave two dandiesar of the same sex alone. If it happens that dandies fight it is often associated with the bitches löpperioder. Then it can naturally be tension.

Something typical of dandie is its strong and deep to be. The breed is not particularly bald.

In dealings with the Dandie Dinmont terriers it is somehow clear that race is not a new invention. Dandiens unique, pleasant nature clearly tells us that the long walked among the people and with his dark brown eyes have seen deal happen. Yet there is hardly any race that so well fits into a modern society


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