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Triple dog show in Jönköping 2010
From left Marie-Louise, Lotta, Randi and Annelie.

Dandie Dinmont Friends have been allowed by the author
Jonas Wiborg, to use texts and photos from his book
"Mr. Dinmonts own terrier". Thanks Jonas!



A real clown with a king's dignity
- The old wise man among terriers

The breed is not what you call a typical terrier temperament 
- which is described as alert, very alert, on our toes and
always ready. Dandie are in many cases active and involved
in what happens, but it takes its particular philosophical
calm. It is hardly likely that dandie now used for hunting.
Hunting trait is fairly dormant, but it can vary from
individual to individual. In earlier stories described dandies
as eager cat hunter. Certainly there are those who try to pinch
a cat, but I think it's largely a uppfostringsfråga. If a Dandie
grow up with a cat is rarely any problems. The importance of
preserving the breed's calm nature can not be overemphasized for
a bright future. The dandie may continue to be the old wise man
among the terriers is something all breeders must safeguard.


The thing that always seems to have been in the race is what
they brittiskda breeders call home for birds, meaning those who
are happiest and most happy if they get to be at home in their
living environment and avoid all that shows is called. But that's
just to accept. The dandie is deep inside the young and rebellious
very reasonable and sensible.


The best one kryddterrier know is getting to be with their owners, 
surrounded by his family. Not to be a patch which constantly
demands attention, but to be able Precaution what the owner is
doing, and occasionally make itself felt to get a pat and a few
friendly words.

A Dandie Dinmont very fond of all people, and especially his family. 
This is a question of very intelligent dogs. It is easily revealed
if one tries to fool a Dandie. Get the dogs of the breed are amused
by obedience training or other similar activities. This will be done
on their terms. Socializing with other dogs is the motto - You shot your thing
and I -. An individual of the breed with typical temperament,
hate to fight, but he is threatened and must defend itself, it will
be a fight to the death. One should always be careful with how you leave two dandiesar of
the same sex alone. If it happens that dandies fight it is often
associated with the bitches löpperioder. Then it can naturally be
tension. Something typical of dandie is its strong and deep to be. The breed
is not particularly bald. In dealings with the Dandie Dinmont terriers it is somehow clear
that race is not a new invention. Dandiens unique, pleasant nature
clearly tells us that the long walked among the people and with his
dark brown eyes have seen deal happen. Yet there is hardly any race
that so well fits into a modern society.


This is a summary of the letters and posts in different 
contexts that I have made in recent years, partly in
collaboration with Göran Hoppe. The motivation for this letter is very strong, which is
largely supported by Professor Ekestens comments ...
We now have an opportunity to jointly demonstrate a willingness
to do something for one of the problems in the Dandie Dinmont
terrier, namely the serious and painful and, in most cases
hereditary disease glaucoma.
I have been through more than 40 years of breeding the breed
Labrador retriever had the opportunity to draw parallels.
Early on 1960.talet we had no restrictions with regard to
either the eyes, hips or similar. Then came one recommendation
or edict after another. They grumbled, but found himself and
now with the perspective we have, we can say "thank goodness it
was so much, sometimes t o m relatively quickly." Today we live
in a different world, we have felt hip status and ditto
elbow joint status of our breeders, we have genetic testing
opportunity for the PRA gene mm. A completely different world.

So I appeal to all Dandie lovers: look ahead in the long run!
The breed is small and vulnerable. We can, through a simple eye
examination to limit the risks of glaucoma gene is passed on.
Because the disease affects relatively adulthood, the risk is
always imminent that dogs who later develop the disease have
time to go into breeding, our only means today's eye control.

We have many veterinarians with expertise eyes spread across
the country and the cost of a survey is around 400 - so why postpone?    


Lili Lagerqvist


Over the years, you've heard of glaucoma, which is a dramatic
and painful eye disease and that it occurs in our race. A disease
that is rasbunden must always be regarded as hereditary and
you have wondered and worried himself but some glaucoma
cases in the Swedish Dandiestammen had apparently not been
found except a few stray cases and where it has been Dandies
in old age. Until a few years ago. Then hit a couple of bitches
and the owner was obviously shocked and utterly heartbroken.
And then, in the space of a few years will be another two or three
known cases in younger dogs but still we saw no family
relationship between the individuals, no more than what everyone
in our small breed can show. A year ago it was time for my
breeding to get a case. A five-year old male suffered. Both eyes
were attacked with short intervals and the dog euthanized and
great sadness and anxiety followed.


Since I bred labrador retriever very long time, and thus been
confronted with a number of inherited eye diseases that we
managed to limit the annual eye reflections of breeders of
specially trained veterinarians, I already had good contact with
several of these. First, I searched and veterinary eye specialist
Lennart Garmer, a member of SvTeKs aelskommitté, and got a
lot of good advice and he referred me on to our foremost expert
on glaucoma in dogs, namely Bjorn Ekesten at SLU. He quickly
became involved and offered to do the survey - gonioskopi
- that can detect a narrowing of the eye chamber angle, the
defects that develop glaucoma, but not always, however.
Bjorn Ekesten had never done this survey on the Dandie Dinmont
terrier and his interest and willingness to help us was palpable. 

Three Dandies of my breeding got time one evening in April.
The survey was surprisingly simple, a few drops of anesthetic
in each eye without any reaction from the dog. Bjorn then put
something that could be likened to a very thick contact lens
of the eye, still no reaction from the dog. Through further
magnifying glass and a bright light, he examined detailed
one eye, then the other .. It all took about 15 minutes and
our dogs were praised for behaving "exemplary", ie, they sat
motionless when required.

When Ekesten was still a s s "on the fly", he also checked the
lens and retina and we got long detailed protocols with us,
a copy of which shall be entered into SKK. These results are
recorded, however, presently not in the individuals examined.

Cost? Kr 600, - per dog (since been included extension of the
lens and retina track).

The three dogs (one of which is the niece of the victim and
thus closely related) are mutually related, the other two being
a full sibling pairs. Now, the results of these three studies fortunate,
none of the dogs showed any form of obstruction of the chamber
angles which of course was very positive.

To be sure that these dogs are free of glaucoma gene can obviously
not be but the measure is a step in the right direction to counter that
we have a greater spread of glaucoma within the breed. Bjorn Ekesten
felt that opportunities to get a grip on the disease is much higher in
a small race than in one of the larger ones.

We will of course have the opportunity to meet with Bjorn Ekesten
November 22 as he promised to give a talk for us. The place
should be Enköpings Brukshundsklubb, Sweden, but at this writing,
I have not managed to reach the rulers there.

For Dandieägare - breeders or not - I recommend making this
survey the results of which are lifelong.

If you also submit a copy of the minutes to the Finnish research
team, engaged in trying to identify our race gene / genes may
develop glaucoma, has made a great contribution to the breed.
Address see below.

Since the serious labrador breed since the early 80s, partly
controlled by breeding dogs eye status, it would seem to me
natural that henceforth make a gonioskopi the dogs of our race
that I intend to use in breeding.

We have a number of veterinarians in Swedcen who have been
trained to dogonioskopi, probably it is more than those who
are on this list.

Here are gonioskopi trained veterinarians: Animal hospital Stromsholm tel. +46 220 45 800 Veterinary Nils Wallin Håkansson and Berit Wallin Håkansson   SLU Uppsala Veteterinär Björn Ekesten email   Animal hospital Helsingborg Small animal clinic tel +46 42-16 80 00 Vetetinär Ida Möller   Veterinarian Eva Gustafsson +46 372 81 39 00 serving Värnamo,
Falköping and Ljungby   Animal Hospital Skara tel +46 511 671 71 Veterinarian Margareta Jonsson 1 time / month
serving Jonkoping Small animal clinic Jonkoping +46 36 34 18 80   Veterinary Agneta Weiman, Jonkoping Tel +46 36 37 91 91


Management of your Dandie

Grooming ær an important part of Dandiens health.
The coat comes in two colors, pepper and mustard. Each Dandie has its own coat. Coat structure is very important
for the race as the top coat dries fastest! Dandiens fur ær a mixture of endeavor hairs and wool. The coat is
double with two parts seek straws and some wool. The coat should
feel crisp when you clap and take in your dog. The length of coat
must not be so long that it divides into a bone in his back. The hairs on the legs should be about five centimeters. Upper tail must be rough and at the bottom is soft lighter hair
which will form one banner. The hat should preferably consist of soft and silky hairs. A fuzzy
cap ær not preferable. The hat is cut into a nice shape that fits
your Dandies head. Ear upper part shall be included with the fur of his cap. Ear lower
part should consist of a tuft of soft silky hairs. The tassel formed
as a fine diamond.
Subscribtion of Jonas Wiborg

The nose: The nasal bridge is cut or picked a triangular bare patch
starting at the rear edge of the nose, about 2.5 cm and pointing
back toward your eyes. Trimming = to set up the dog. To manually remove loose outer coat
of your dog. Trimming means external care, brushing, combing and washing your
dog. Accessibility by trimming: Finger Condoms and trimming knife. Aids in the removal of wool: Furminator, pumice, comb with
wrap-threaded rubber band. Other facilities for the care of your Dandie: Tweezers for
removal of ear hair. scissors, effileringssax, mitt, comb, comb
with roller spirit spikes, tartar scraper,
claw pliersand possibly
claw file, ear powder that makes it easier to grip the hair
in the ears.// Randi



To "break" the coat occurs frequently and is exactly
what the word says. By keeping a few coat hairs between
the thumb and forefinger at the length you want, and the
other thumb and forefinger to break the hairs. With this
method, you can short coat without pulling away or thin
coat. The result is a soft and natural coat that you can not
get with scissors.

/19juli-ester.jpg /img_1851.jpg

The front legs

Comb your hair straight out from the leg and level to 5 cm across. Comb the hair straight down and pick as much as needed to the legs, front view, looking straight out from the shoulder and down to the feet. Trim the hair between the pads and round the hem around the feet. Look at the dog from all angles and with the dog in motion and fine-tune. // Bosse


Tips for paws

When you have combed your hair On top of the feet, you will feel
through between the pads. It can sometimes feel like a hard lump
between the pads. There are gravel, sand and other debris that
has been in your dog outdoors. I try to crush "the dirt bump"
between your fingers. Do not go there, you can gently pull the
bump and cut away with scissors as close to the dirt as possible.
Be careful! Dandiens chlorine is growing rapidly and pulp follow
as quickly. Keep following the claws. Write the date when you cut
the claws and soon you know how often you have to keep after
them on your Dandie. On some dandies begins claws to roll out
pretty quickly if you do not mow often. // Lotta






Dusty does his Mental Health tests. Contacts






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Dusty training agility



Gametracking aptitude class             Photo: J Andersson

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