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Dandie Dinmont Vänners meeting in Ransäter 2017

This year's Dandie hit organized the network in Ransäter on 28-30 July, in conjunction with the SKK International Exhibition. We had rented cabins and electric posts at Storängen Camping Friday-Sunday. We started by going to the exhibition site to set up our tent. It was a very beautiful place. A little later in the afternoon when most people arrived, the grill was started. We were a whole bunch of Dandie Friends, both from Sweden and Norway. We enjoyed good food and then had a lottery and package auction that the evening ended with.



Photo bomb by Ulrika Eriksson, from the SKK International Exhibition in Ransäter Saturday 29 July. Judge was Kurt Nilsson. There were 25 Dandies registered.


 BIS Breeding Group L'Hurts Kennel. Judge Eva Nielsen.


Tobias and Amulette




 Best Bitch Class 








Timmy and Dixie








 Ebble and Surprise






 The network's cute juniorhandler Wilma Eriksson


Breeding group with HP. Sjöbolyckan kennel


After the end of the dog show at Saturday, we all started preparing for future barbecue nights with a new lottery and package auction. In the afternoon it started raining, so we set up our tent. So cozy! Everyone gathered, the grill was lit and it was laughed and joked around the tables. When we had finished it became the first draw of the lottery. Then the package auction began. We want to send a big thank you to Lotta Storck who donated the beautiful handmade Dandien. It was auctioned for a large substantial sum. There were many packages auctioned out and it was called hello wild! How fun! Dandie Friends began to drop off. On Sunday morning everybody went home to their place. A cozy weekend with Dandie Dinmont Friends. Now we are charging the batteries before our meeting in 2018.

Best Dandie greetings from Bosse, Marie-Louise, Lotta and Randi



 Handmade Dandie. Donated by Lotta Storck to the package auction on saturday night.






Click on the photo and you can read the whole story
of Karina and Anders Isacsson with their Dandiesar
in Allas weekly newspaper!




Take care of your Dandie in winter/ regards Ulrika, veterinary

Winter is a time when the weather is cold, wet and chilly. The part of the dog most subject to bad weather is paws. The trampling through the puddles and snow heaps. Therefore, we begin simply with paws!

Paw caring Paws and claws burdened always, therefore short and manicured claws A and O. Dogs are susceptible to damage claws, that is why it is so unnecessary that the dog suffers a broken or cracked claw.

If you have a long haired skin may be necessary to cut the fur between the toes. Then there will be no lumps of snow and mud under the feet. It is simply done to cut off all the fur sticking out between the pads on the underside of the paw. Use scissors with rounded spetsar.Remember that road salt will corrode! Shower and dry the dog thoroughly in the stomach and legs.

Dogs who have different medical conditions of the feet such as osteoarthritis, kloskador or furunculosis may be extra sensitive paws and wants to be exercised cautiously when it is winter and cold.

The body, when the weather is really nasty, 
especially with rain and sleet, then small,
old and frozen dogs to enjoy a blanket.Do you
have a dog with a lot of fur you can save lots
of time on grooming and cleaning by taking them
an overall. When you come in from the walk in bad
weather wipe paws, legs and stomach. Showering
dog if needed to remove road salt. The ice balls
sometimes sit in the coat dissolves best to them by
rinsing with lukewarm water.
Do not forget the reflexes! Hunting Necklace reflex 
is stretchable so the dog can get out of it if they get
stuck somewhere.

Cold Kramp and frostbite Many dogs suffer from cold cramp in his paws.
They jump on three legs, and would not support the paws. The pads are
not vulnerable to frostbite, it is the cold that causes blood vessels
to contract and the animal gets cramps. In severe cold hampered blood
circulation in the superficial parts of the body. Pigmented skin becomes
bluish as the blood cools and becomes oxygen poor.Blod can also displace
the blood vessels. When the body part then regained normal body temperature,
there is a strong itching. The body parts most commonly affected are the
scrotum and earflaps with short-haired breeds. Dogs with short tail can
also get frostbite of the scrotum, since they do not have a warm tail when
sitting or lying in the snow. Even the tail may suffer.
A dog with frostbite should see a veterinarian.

Frostbite itch a lot. In milder cases, symptoms over
a few days. The skin of the damaged area can become
cracked, it should be massaged with ointment. During
the healing time need the dog usually have the collar
on itself because it will want to scratch or lick the cold



THIS  Dandie is in great need tips about a good shampoo!


Reports in Smålandsposten the 7/11 from the show in Växjö!


To be involved in the newspaper and promote Dandie Dinmont on the 
same day that you get credit for their breeding in the finals with
a 2nd place with Breeding Class and 3rd place with
Breedinggroup feels top.
Better can hardly be! //Janette Andersson Sjöbolyckans Kennel

Reports in Smålänningen 31/8 before our Dandiewalk we had in 
Ljungby in early September!

"I do not think I could live without dog shows"

Christer Cederstrom, owner of two Dandie Dinmont Terriers, about the to show

their dogs and have them assessed.



"Christer Cederstrom with his Dandie Dinmont Terriers, Amigo, Sixten and 

loan dog Peppar.Grooming takes time and the dogs are prepared for show."


     "- He is still 7,5 month old and he still gets in the puppieclass. This is his third 

         time to be showed. And he has been the best puppie once. 

Christer Cederstrom  from Lyckeby,  was early in the morning started with the final

preparations for the exhibition, that his dogs would be in top condition until it was

time for the assessment.  He is an experienced exhibitors who travel with their dogs

Amigo and Sixten, of the breed Dandie Dinmont Terrier.

      -They need a lot of grooming, and it takes a lot of time. But we have a few hours

        left before it's time.




Dandie Dinmont Friends on Tjörn.

Celebrating Dandie Dinmont Friends one year birthday in 2016.



Need, "Dandie friend" help trim tips when you trim your Dandie?

Then you can send for a trim description of Janette Andersson


Hi all Dandie friends!

Now, place and date of the next meeting in 2017 Dandie nailed.
We should be out in time with room bookings and electricity points.
More info at Dinmont Friend's FB page.




Global Dandie Walk in Ljungby 4th of September. 


Activity Board is a great way for your Dandie to get some brain exercise.




Being on the golf course is also a fun activity.




Hey all Dandie Dinmont Friends!

All Dandie Dinmont Friends will automatically receive access to our FB page.
This is a FB page where we can lay out and discuss various things about our
lovely breed Dandie Dinmont Terrier. A forum. Greeting Randi





We are now calling for more photos of your loved ones Dandiesar,
so that there are more photos to calendars to come.



Top tip from Birgitta & Lars-Göran Ek.

To acquire a bicycle trailer and Edit can go on all our cycling trips.




Suggestions for activities with your dog:

Gametracking can you do with all dog breeds. You just have to 
make it as fun as possible. Click on the picture to go to a
page with tips on how to begin and what you need for things
to get started. Good is also to make contact with a dog club and a course.

Pictured Liah when she passed the aptitude test.
Click Liah!

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